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Welcome to Drakon: Redefining Digital Jewelry Design

We are expanding access to digital jewelry, so anyone can make anything. 

What we do

Drakon specializes in technology for computer-based jewelry design and the development of interactive 3D tools that revolutionize jewelry creation. Drakon is your ultimate companion for rapid and intuitive design.

Interactive Design

Embrace the new era in jewelry design with intelligent models that respond to your every command. Modify settings at any point in your design, and watch it seamlessly readjust without compromising your vision. Drakon eliminates repetitive tasks and streamlines your modeling process. It also provides comprehensive material descriptions for manufacturing and sales, ensuring every step is optimized.

Technological Excellence

Drakon leverages the latest technological advancements in CAD processes, providing a significant productivity boost to meet your design requirements.

Versatile Jewelry Builders and Interactive Gallery

Drakon combines the most versatile Jewelry Builders with an Interactive Gallery, offering premeditated components for constructing exquisite final pieces. Explore a rich variety of design elements, including Rings, Gems, Bands, Bezels, Prongs, Profiles, Patterns, Ornaments, Shanks, Cutters, Gem Settings, and much more. These components are ready to be combined in countless ways, enabling the creation of truly unique pieces.

Precise Control 

Our software empowers you with precise adjustments for weight, measurements, gem placement, sizes, and more, all through a comprehensive suite of tools. Finally, it delivers the perfect render for display.


Unleash the Fire with Drakon!

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